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Listen Close

Freies Projekt in Kooperation mit
Mercedes - Canon - Elios - Alchemy - Garmont - Kodak - ARRI

Team: Nicolai Deutsch, Josua Stäbler, Julian Lindenmann, Marina Starke & Alexander Schuchmann

"LISTEN CLOSE was a non-profit-production which started 1,5years ago as a brief thought. We wanted to show freediving and the philiosophy behind from a new perspective. Getting away from numbers, we focused on the experience to connect again with the purity of water. A connection which we tend to loose in a fast world full of rush and social expectations."

Upside Down

Freie Dokumentation in Kooperation mit
Garmin - Elios - Alchemy - Wavepatrol - Dachstein - Hypoxia

Team: Hometown Creations & Max Schmedes

„To pursue my passion, I needed to leave the ordinary path. Freediving initiated a change in myself and started a journey of finding out where I belong in this world. A change that lets me connect with myself and the people around me.“
"This documentary is about Timo, a 33 year old freediver, coach and motivational speaker who left his former path. It shows how connecting with the sea has changed his life."

Off The Beaten Path

Mercedes-Benz International

Team: Hometown Creations & Max Schmedes

"Official promotion for the New X-Class in 2018. Got launched via all national and international channels of Mercedes-Benz."
"Finally the entire material was additional bought by Mercedes-Benz Australia and New Zealand to promote the X-Class in 2020/21."

come and find me

Freies "Herzens" Projekt in Kooperation mit
Alchemy - Elios - Mandala

Team: Dojo Filmhouse mit Phuong Herzer



Freies Projekt in Kooperation mit
Quiksilver - Pure SurfCamps - Prime Surfing

Team: Dojo Filmhouse mit Phuong Herzer

"Der nächste Wipe-Out kommt bestimmt und du bist darauf vorbereitet"
Dieses Video erklärt worum es in dem Workshop ApneaSurf geht.

33 - Life Beyond Borders

#VANLIFE Projekt für HYMER

Team: Daniel Wagner & Daniel Trautwein

"33 Tage gemeinsam im HYMERCAR. Vom Norden Portugals bis an die Algarve. Surfen und Apnoetauchen, hauptsache frei sein.
Die Zeit zu zweit genießen, wo geht das bitte besser als in einem Camper am Meer."